Im Rahmen der für das Fach Englisch stattfindenden Big Challenge konnte unser Max Edler aus der 2a den hervorragenden 2. Platz österreichweit erringen. Als Klassenvorstand gratuliere ich ihm sehr herzlich zu diesem großartigen Erfolg!

Mag. Anne Kraner

Edler MaximilianFirst of all this is not a reference to „Diary of a Wimpy Kid“ or anything, I simply have to write this text since I won the Big Challenge. So basically there are two questions I’d like to answer in this kind of interview-like text. The first question is if the Big Challenge was easy. Well, yes it was pretty easy. The second question is, why it was easy for me. It will take more time to answer that question. It is mostly because I’ve been to New Zealand three times. I was still in the Kindergarten on the first two trips, but in 2012 I went to school in New Zealand for one term. That’s the main reason, but there are others too. Trips to England and Ireland have helped too. Another reason is that I’ve read all the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” books (there are 10 of them) in English. And one of my favourite book series “Heroes of Olympus” is in English. It’s about seven demigods who have to train their powers to stop the Earth Goddess Gaia and her army of giants from taking over the world. Well I think I’ve answered the question now and I guess this is THE END.

Maximilian Edler, 2a

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