Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

Today we started off with an introduction of all the teachers participating in our course –they presented themselves and their schools. We have got colleagues from Estonia, Poland, Hungary and Finland and it was interesting to spot the differences to our school, e.g. the Estonian elementary school has got their own stable with horses the kids themselves take care of. The Polish primary school is a so- called community school – that means it is funded by both state and private institutions. We were impressed by the fact that they have got an SI (sensory integration) room which helps kids to find some peace and quiet. We liked that lunch is free in Finland. The other participants were highly impressed by the presentation of our school.


The rest of our lesson was dedicated to some theory. Our trainer Alessandro Gariano presented the Educational Innovation Framework and the 8 key competences for lifelong learning. The year 2023 is the European year for skills.

Joke of the day: The Indian waiters in the restaurant we had lunch thought we were sisters:)

(c) Martina Wegscheider-Traussnigg und Julia Götz

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